Egypt's 5th International Yoga Festival Sharm El Sheikh
Posted By: maher

Looking for health of the mind and body? Do you need to balance your energies? Egypt’s 5th International Yoga Festival might offer you the travel experience you need. Taking place at Sharm el Sheikh’s beautiful 5 stars Domina Coral Bay Elisir Hotel, the trip also allows you to experience the beauty and serenity of the natural Sinai landscape. Escaping the hassles of city life to the tranquility of nature coupled with intense yoga practice might offer you exactly what you need. The International Yoga Festival lasts for 5 days from the 26th of April to the 1st of May allowing you time to enjoy the sights of the Sinai, both over and underwater. The dramatic Sinai Peninsula offers you lots to do and see. One of the world’s most loved scuba diving locations, Sharm el Sheikh is framed by the Red Sea and purple desert mountains. The hotel in which the festival is held boasts lush tropical gardens, low Arabian style buildings, 8 pools, many restaurants, organic farm, diving center, a private sandy beach and best of all it faces Coral Bay which is amazing for snorkeling. A large number of Yoga teachers practicing in many different schools offer classes for all levels; the beginner and the advanced practitioner can both benefit from the workshops and lectures. The Egypt Yoga Festival “will focus on your connection with yourself and your connection with others”. There are many forms of Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation to experience and learn about including: - Ashtanga Yoga - Hatha Yoga -Yoga dance - Yoga therapy - Physical therapy – Professional massage -Yoga Fire - Medication - Chakra Yoga - Karma Yoga - Raja Yoga - Tantra Yoga - Mantra Yoga