Legal Informations

common core list of tourism issued the ministerial decree NO.216 for the year 1996.

Article 1: tourism of Common interests of its members in the scope of the tourism plan of the state and represented then to the public authorities organizations and local and international authorities they help the authorities and organization work on developing an promotion tourism in Egypt and raise the efficiency and level of performance.

Article 2: the board of directors of each chamber establish aninternal regulation of work and determine its relation with branches and that may be established so as not contradict with the rulings of lows and the ministerial decisions which regulate the work of the chambers odf touism.

Article 3: An entity whose capital is less thab 10000 pounds has to join the chamber of tourism activities practiced the owner companies and the managing companies have to join the member ship of the chamber also the entity of less than 10000 pounds after the approval of board of directors.

Article 17: The board of directors is responsible for establishing the general policy of the chamber and determines the necessary plan for develober of torism activity and solving its problems and contact with the authorites and has to:

  • Make decisions and regulation related to internal affairs administrative financial technical and personnel affairs in chamber with the limits of the internal and financial regulation of the chamber adopted by the general assembly.
  • prepare the draft annual budget and final accounts 3 consider what the responsible authorities to view form the issues related to the work of the chamber.

Article 32: The board of directo of the chamber with consent of the minister of tourism can decide setting up divisions of the chamber for similar entities or establish branches of the chamber in the different tourist areas and board of directors administrator them under the supervision of the board of directors of the chamber.

Article 35: It is permissible by a decision of the Board of Directors of the chamber to do without the Board of Directors of contrary to the division or branch if a violation took place contrary to the provisions of laws, regulations or decisions of the Board of Directors of the Chamber and if it doesn't remove the violation , deposit warning by registered letter with acknowledgment with receipt. Anew Board of Directors has to be appointed within two weeks of the decision.

Article 36: The Board of Directors of the Chamber to cancel the division or branch if there are reasons for doing so Law No.(38) for the year 1977 to organize tourism companies. Decisions of the President of the United Arab Republic Act No.85 of 1968 and the establishment of tourists chambers and have a union Decisions No.222 of 1983, the executive regulation of law No.38 of 1977 , the organization of tourist companies as amended by Law No.118 of 1983. Ministerial Decree No.(1) for the year 1969 on the establishment of Chambers of Tourism.