Tourism Minister participates in the ministerial summit in London Stock Exchange International Tourism (WTM)
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Attended by Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour, Minister of Tourism yesterday at the summit of Ministers held on the sidelines of the London Stock Exchange for the Travel and Tourism and organized by the World Tourism Organization, UNWTO)) in collaboration with the London Stock Exchange for the Travel and Tourism WTM)) entitled How tourism can flourish in times of crisis, which co- where about 86 ministers of tourism from around the world and a number of international organizations involved in tourism, including the Council of the World Travel & Tourism WTTC)) and the Association of travel in Asia and the Pacific PATA)), opened the summit by Dr. Taleb Rifai, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization and Ms. Fiona Jeffery , Chairman of the London Stock Exchange for tourism and travel, and it was the most important points that were addressed during the summit is the role of tourism and its contribution to the economies of the countries and the resilience of this sector in the face of all obstacles, despite the passage of the worlds heart again since 2008 to date, were also reviewed the many challenges faced by the tourism sector now. They also discussed the issue of the future of tourism in the Middle East and North Africa and the outlook for recovery from the current crisis and the role of the media and its impact, as the minister explained Mounir Abdel-Nour, in many cases is not transferred to the media the true image of reality, He stressed that security prevails throughout Egypt and that the Egyptian people are already estimated the value of the tourist, who was not subjected to any abuse since the outbreak of the Revolution and until now, also reviewed the sovereignty of the positive indicators, which reflect the recovery of the tourism sector in Egypt, where he will decrease the number of tourists to Egypt - only 25% during 2011 compared to last year, Despite the political and social mobility, which the country had witnessed the events that accompanied it. As the Minister after the meeting with a number of the largest tour operator British exporters of tourists to the destination of Egypt and from TUI UK and Red Sea Holidays and Olympic Holidays and Voyages Jules Verne was during these meetings review of the size of the companies now to Egypt, and expectations to increase the flow of tourists to and discuss plans cooperation between them and the Ministry of Tourism, also met with representatives of the Federation of sovereignty of British tour operators have been discussing the subject of sustainable tourism and how to improve the standard of tourism services in hotels.