egyptian Museum

One of the worlds most famous museums. It houses 250.000 antique pieces including mummies, sarcophagi and the fabulous treasures from Tut Ankh Amuns tomb. Detail of the third mummiform sarcophagus in beaten gold: the sovereign holds his insignia, the flail and the scepter. Rahotep and Nofret, from Maydum, not far from the pyramid of Snefru. Rahotep was Director of Expeditions and High Priest. Colossal statue of Amenophis III with his wife Tiye: over ten meters high, it comes from Medinet Habu. Block statue of Senmut and Princess Neferure, in grey granite from Karnak (18th Dynasty).


The Great Pyramid: One of the Seven Wonders of the World, built by King Cheops in 2650 BC. The Second Pyramid: Built by King Chephren to the south west of that of his father Cheops.