about safari

Egypt the eternal land; Here is Egypt offering you an extraordinary adventure. Once upon a time, Alexander the Great witnessed the beautiful silence of the desert and was very much impressed by it. He decided to keep such enjoyment forever and built his temples in Siwa Oasis. Also here, lie the deep origins of religion and divinity, completely exemplified by the huge building of the Christian monastery. Moreover, our expert safari team enables you to witness the greatest experience of the whole world, where the beauty of virgin nature and eternal history match in perfect harmony to offer you an extreme pleasure. Also, by the help of a safari trip through the valleys and colored canyons, you are offered the opportunity to touch the very special beauty of Divine art by yourself. Moreover, with a further drive through the desert you come into contact with the different Bedouin tribes with their instinctive reserved nature, whose loneliness is not yet disturbed and generous hospitality is ever memorable. It is a very special experience to discover Sinai. There you can have direct contact with nature and enjoy the silence of the desert together with the generous hospitality of its people, the Bedouins. Driving into the desert by the Jeep, you can not miss the most impressive view, when you can witness both the sunrise and the sunset on the same trip.

Coloured Canyon

Drive by Jeep for 180 kms. along Aqaba Coast until Nuweiba. After that a drive for 35 kms. through the desert takes place. Then, arrive at the name is derived from the splendid colours of the stones all over the mountains.

Dahab Safari

In this excursion, you are allowed to drive from El Sharm to Dahab through Sinai desert. Finally, we have a stop at the beach of Ras Nasrani and Mangrove where lunch is served in an oriental Bedouin style. Also in Hurghada it is possible to make an interesting Jeep safari to discover the mystery of Bedouin villages. In fact, you can witness the wonderful daily life of the Bedouins; how they bake their famous bread, how they wash their camels... etc, moreover, you can have a camel ride through the desert. Afternoons, you can visit the splendid beaches of the Red Sea with its pure transparent water, different schools of fish and wonderful reefs.

White Desert

A trip to the White Desert is something that no visitor to the New Valley should miss. Travellers coming From Bahariya will cross through the Black Desert, passing the tiny Oasis of El Heez on the way. Nearby, there are some Roman ruins, including a Church with Coptic Graffiti. Bahariya and Farafra are separated by huge golden sand dunes. Once you enter the White Desert through Al-Sillim passage, you meet a unique landscape of surreal wind-eroded rock formations which is particularly fascinating at sunrise or sunset.